«All the people» is dedicated to those who struggle daily with serious illness or face death. Hope, love and people who listen are important in our lives and especially when one is not well.

And that’s exactly why I invite you to send out a piece of hope and love and buy the song at the following link.

30% of the proceeds will be donated to the Swiss Cancer League and 30% will go to the foundation Parkinson Switzerland.

Be a part of the Project Life love movement and get the song now:

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Release date: January 3, 2021

«Turn on the lights» is about environmental issues like air pollution, plastic waste in waters, chemical accidents in nature, nuclear waste, as well as how our consumerism as a society. People today are too often busy buying the latest products instead of looking at the essential things in life. The origin of life is not the latest smartphones or drinks, but nature.

It is time to wake up, to appreciate nature and the environment again and to consciously perceive the world, the natural life. It is time to integrate our society into nature and not to try to squeeze nature into our society. Life can give us humans more than consumption, selfishness, greed and waste. But are we ready for it? Do we even want it? Do we want to appreciate the world again? Do we want to realize that we reap what we sow?